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"Dotory" Williamsburg Korean eatery with strong following and take-away available.

Snuggled beneath the elevated M and J line in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a unique, one-of-a-kind dining treasure that once visited will stay with you for the rest of your life. Understated yet packed with Korean delicacies the proprietor, Haegeen Kim, has created a gastronomic experience that redefines cravings. Think of it as therapy: one visit here and your pandemic blues or whatever else ails you will be extinguished immediately.

After 7 years Haegeen is embarking on a new adventure and wishes to hand off the legacy and her family's secret recipes to a motivated chef.

  • Seats: bar 4-6, front 18-20, back 2-6 and outside 12-18.

  • Beer and wine license.

  • 2 x gas stoves, each with 6 burners.

  • Basement dry storage with 250 s.f.

  • 3 refrigerators, 2 chest freezers.

  • Fully-owned dishwasher.

  • Current rent: 3,197/month negotiable.

  • Employees - high:8, now: 1.

  • Water: 250-300/month.

  • Electric: 400-800/month

  • Gas: 120-250/month.

  • 7+ years in operation.

  • Proprietor open to offers.

  • See video here.  


bibimbop at Dotory
Backyard customers at Dotory.
Take away take out at Dotory
Backyard garden at Dotory.
Dumplings at Dotory.
Customers at Dotory.
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Counter seating at Dotory.
Haegeen Kim proprietor Dotory

Haegeen Kim, proprietor Dotory Restaurant.
212-461-3143 (O)
646-431-5580 (M)

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